• Frame Alu 7075 T6 (Premium Ultralight).
• Double butted hydroformed tube.
• Down hydroformed triple butted tube.
• Chain stay and seat stay "muscle forming".
• CNC machined rear legs
• AERO seat tube
• Case Euro 68x73mm

• 10 x 20 "frame sizes: Mini, Junior, Expert, Expert XL, Pro, Pro, Pro XL,
• 2 frame sizes 24 ": Pro, Pro +

• from Mini to Expert: 25.4mm
• from Expert XL to Pro XXL and Cruiser: 27.2mm

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We all know that a BMX race gets to a fraction of a second, which is why CHASE has been thinking about how best to help the drivers by giving them an extra edge with these new RSP 3.0 frames. CHASE has reused the lines and geometry that have already proven themselves with a title of Olympic Champion in Rio and National Champion US 2016 for Connor Fields and of N ° 1 USA BMX and UCI 2016 World Champion for Joris Daud and Champion of the UCI 2015 World for Stefany Hernández. Its look has been refined and it still offers real technical advantages to the pilots in search of the best times.

The hydroformed tubes have already seduced more than one, the geometry has already proved itself on renowned races, so CHASE has reworked the design and hydroforming of the upper tube. This characteristic brings it even more lightness by refining its shape, but also contributes to greater rigidity and optimum strength of the chassis. The advantage of hydroformed tubes is primarily a matter of rigidity and strength. By means of a hydraulic compression method, the tube, which is flattened in very precise places, brings more stiffness and solidity at this point and according to the smallest diameter of the tube: the load is distributed more evenly over the flat surface. The more distorted the tube, the more it will be resistant to cm², along this axis.

It is common to use oval tubes in the BMX industry as this reduces the flexibility of the frames but in only one direction. Since the series 2.0, the tubes are oval in two directions, to the main zones of flexion, which gives them the rigidity of their own. It was then time to do even better, which is why CHASE examined each tube to determine where we could make an improvement. It was important for us to maintain the integrity of the geometry to ensure that any change would be 100% functional and find a real benefit. Research and development have resulted in changes to the new RSP 3.0, changes that CHASE has found useful and necessary for the evolution of the RSP range.

It is by taking inspiration from the aerodynamic design of many road bikes that CHASE has adapted the concept to the frame of the 3.0 series; The saddle tube profiled and aerodynamic is a first in the middle of the BMX. After various tests and analyzes of data, its effectiveness is proved and can offer the small advantage that will make the difference in case of victory.

Over the years, each version has been improved and this new 2016 model exceeds expectations.

This frame always has an integrated brake cable guiding system. The bases, also hydroformed on the RSP 2.0 from the size Pro, are now on all sizes of the series 3.0.

CHASE worked on a saddle tube with the AERO system, a new design for the top tube and the hydroformed bases already present on the large sizes of the RSP 2.0, have been adapted to Mini and Expert sizes.

The 3.0 series is therefore equipped with a saddle clamp and a specific seat tube, in AERO form, both sold separately. These products are offered by the brand ELEVN in different sizes and colors. For recovery, it is also possible to equip yourself with a saddle tube extension that will allow you to increase your seat height.

Aero 25.4mm for CHASE RSP 3.0 frames (Mini, Junior, Expert)
Aero 27.2 mm for CHASE RSP 3.0 frames (expert XL and +) and ELEMENT 2016



Mini 18″ 12.75″ 73° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 70° 25,4 mm 10.6″ 1,254 Kg
Junior 19″ 13″ 73° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 70° 25,4 mm 10.6″ 1,284 Kg
Expert 19.5″ 13″ 73° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 70° 25,4 mm 11″ 1,309 Kg
Expert XL 20″ 13,5″ 73° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 70° 27,2 mm 11″ 1,450 Kg
Pro 20,5″ 14,25″ 74° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 72,5° 27,2 mm 11,5″ 1,496 Kg
Pro+ 20,75″ 14,25″ 74° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 72,5° 27,2 mm 11,5″ 1,519 Kg
Pro XL 21″ 14,3″ 74° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 72,5° 27,2 mm 11,5″ 1,532 Kg
Pro XL+ 21,25″ 14,5″ 74° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 72,5° 27,2 mm 11,5″ 1,518 Kg
Pro XXL 21,5″ 14,5″ 74° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 72,5° 27,2 mm 11,5″ 1,527 Kg
Pro XXL+ 21,75″ 14,75″ 74° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 72,5° 27,2 mm 11,5″ 1,549 Kg
Cruiser Pro 21,25″ 15,25″ 73° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 69,5° 27,2 mm 12″ 1,583 Kg
Cruiser Pro+ 21,75″ 15,25″ 73° Integrated OD 1-1/8″ 69,5° 27,2 mm 12″ 1,579 Kg

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